Create the life you've always wanted to live.

Through personalised financial guidance and counselling, we help families and individuals plan and achieve their dreams.

We only live once, so let's cherish the time we have.

Many of us wish to retire young and retire rich. Once we start working, we aim to achieve financial independence as quickly as possible, so we have ample time and freedom to pursue our other interests and dreams.

Through financial planning, you gain tools to build the future you desire and develop the financial resilience to overcome life's challenges as they come. Step-by-step, just like building a house, we help you lay the groundwork for the rest of your future.


"Many clients think that financial planning is only for the very wealthy. When in fact, we can all benefit from learning how to manage our finances wisely."

— CS Tan, Founder and Managing Director


At Dignity, we work together with clients on their journey to achieve their financial goals.


Personal Goals

  • Travel the world

  • Diversify income streams

  • Own a property

  • Invest and grow savings

  • Personal insurance protection

  • Early retirement

  • Prepare for old age

  • Legacy planning


Family Goals

  • Start a family

  • Save for children's education

  • Anniversaries, holidays and trips

  • Care for aging parents

  • Family insurance coverage

  • Will and inheritance planning

Young Asian business people at work.

Business Goals

  • Establish a business

  • Manage cash flow and expansion

  • Business tax planning

  • Group insurance scheme

  • Key person insurance protection

  • Employee retention program

  • Business continuity planning


We're inspired to make a difference in the lives of others through financial literacy education.

With years of industry expertise under their belt, each of our financial planners brings personal experience and unique perspective to their mentorship process.
Joanne Lee square
Joanne Lee
Junior Life Advisor, Great Eastern
Background in Cosmetics
Sam Wong
Sam Wong
Life Planning Advisor (LPA), Great Eastern
Background in IT
Laili JPG
Laili Yusof
Junior Life Advisor, Great Eastern
Background in Architecture

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