About Dignity Consultant

Our Founding Story

by CS Tan, Founder and MD of Dignity Consultant

Since young, I've always had an inner calling to help those who are worse off than me. I would feel a strong sense of injustice whenever I saw the elderly, disabled, sick, orphaned, or homeless neglected by society, even when we should be helping them.

Where I grew up in Kedah, I would often see elderly people who reminded me of my beloved grandparents walking the streets collecting cardboard and recyclables in the hot sun — just to eke out a living.

It was when I started working that I realised that in order to help others, I first needed to be financially sound. Even then, as one individual, I had only limited resources to give. The solution had to be financial awareness and education.

When I was in my 20s, I was financially illiterate too. It was only after a big expensive mistake that I learnt a big lesson about investment. Since then, I told myself, I needed to master financial planning — so I could protect not only myself but help others as well.

With much hard work, I qualified and found success as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), which gave me the leverage to start my own company — Dignity Consultant. With a small team behind me, I'm able to amplify my impact to help more families and individuals plan for successful futures.

As a company, we are still growing and learning as we welcome a next generation of fresh talent. However, our calling has remained the same since the beginning, which is to help those most vulnerable in society live with greater dignity, by mastering financial planning.

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Our Vision

That every family is well planned financially, and all individuals are empowered to lead a happy life with dignity.

Our Mission

To care for 20,000 families with a team of 100 successful financial planners serving society's needs.

Our Values


We strive to be truthful about who we are by speaking openly and honestly, even if the face of criticism or judgement. “I live and speak my truth, choosing not to fear criticism or judgement."


We feel and express our grateful thoughts in our words, attitude, and actions. “Everyday I feel and express gratitude for the good things in my life, and I appreciate those who have done something good for me.”


We strive always for balance in work, relationships and self-care. “When my priorities are in order, balance happens.”


We seek out new challenges despite fear of failure or rejection. “I do what needs to be done, even when fear comes along for the ride.”

Our Culture

  • Think and work as a team

  • Commit to taking initiative

  • Fly with discipline and direction

  • Follow experienced leadership

  • Trust in your own ability