K–‘s story: Holiday Forever

Holiday Forever

Friday morning, we are having an agency meeting. Half way from the meeting, agent K is not feeling well, and her husband J (also my agent) sent her to see the doctor. That evening, I received a call from J, saying he was at GMC Hospital with K. He received a call from his family doctor, who stated that K’s blood test report showed leukemia and that he still needed further confirmation. The result will be out in 2 hours.

Me: Whatever the result will be, we will accept it and face it together.

The result is acute leukemia, and we need treatment by next Monday. Me and J went to get a second opinion on Saturday, and J decided to start treatments at GMC. J has to prepare RM240k for the full treatment cost. Since J & K are well insured, they decided to go for it. She recovers well, and they move into a new house. We celebrated the housewarming and her recovery.

Two years later, she had stroke symptoms and was admitted again to the hospital. She was diagnosed with reoccurring leukemia again. She went into a coma on the third day. We all take turns to donate platelets for the next 28 days until her last breath. Total bill is around Rm60k. We sent her off for holidays forever.

She is one of my very best business partners. She has a very caring and loving personality, a good learning attitude, is quite type, and always has a has a smiling face. We used to travel together to many countries on company trips, such as Hokkaido, Egypt, Spain, and Turkey.

Luckily, she had the best and most colorful years of her insurance career before her long holidays.

She will always be in our hearts and we will love her forever.

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