J—’s story: Because I trust you

J— signed up for his first policy with me in 1996. A pharmacist by profession, he and his wife raised four children together, who I've seen grow up over the years. From time to time, I help him to plan and execute his financial planning, including medical and life coverage for his family, kids' education fund, and annual holiday trips. Since he is the breadwinner of the family, he has good income protection & retirement planning too.

One day, J— sought my financial advice on his plan to buy a double-story semi-detached house. He was worried about whether he had enough saved for his two youngest children to pursue their tertiary education overseas.

After reviewing his financial planning with him:

Me: You go ahead and buy the property that you love. You deserve it!

J—: I never knew that for so many years you were helping out with financial planning for me and my family.

Me: Remember every time I went through the planning with you, and you agreed to take up. Do you really understand what I explained to you before?

J—: I understand at that point but I tend to forget after sometime. But the key point is I TRUST what you did for me and my family.

It was only 20 years later that J— realized the full picture of the financial planning I did for him. His eldest daughter is now a doctor and his second daughter is a pharmacist, while his third and fourth children are now at university paid for by the education fund planned 18 years ago. As he is about to enter retirement, J— has peace of mind as he and his family are well-covered medically, and he has put aside ample savings in his retirement fund to enjoy life to the fullest. And so they shall live happily ever after...

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