Mooncake Festival: Delivered Son’s Love & Responsibility

We start our mornings off right

An engineer based in China (salary in USD) diagnosed nose cancer. I help him with his critical illness claim (Great Eastern’s customer, but not under my care).

Two years later, he passed away. The family doesn’t know their son still has a $75k life policy. Help with the claim and deliver two checks: Father (age 81) and Mother (age 79). Since it is the mooncake festival, I bought some mooncake and delivered the claim check.

Father: Borrowing money from relatives to treat at Singapore. Settle all borrowing after his death, and nothing is left. We continue rubber-tapping.

Me: Uncle, even though your son has to go, his love and responsibility remain. With these two checks, you both can leave a decent life in this village, accompanied by your son’s love and responsibility.

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