Jasmine Tay

Life Insurance Advisor

Life Planning Advisor

Supremacy Summit Awards (4x)

Diploma in Commerce (Canada)

8 years of professional experience in F&B, locally and overseas


My Story

Jasmine 2

In my previous career, I ran and managed a Japanese restaurant overseas and a Western restaurant locally. It was only in 2007, at age 46, that I moved into the insurance sector.

As a mother of three teenage children, I started with a rented apartment, paying RM650/month in rent. However, in 3 short years, through this career’s training and self development pathway, I bought my own apartment and a Toyota Rush in 2010. In December 2012, we moved into our dream home. And perhaps sweetest of all, I was able to sponsor my three children’s tertiary education.

The beauty of this career is that I could earn 30 years' income in just 10 years. It allows me to have the extra time to do what I want in this life, including spending quality time and providing good care to my parents.

Every year, I work for 11 months and take one month of Christmas Break. I work remotely with policyholders who are also my friends and relatives all across Malaysia. I enjoy this career mainly due to the time flexibility and the freedom to move around the nation.

Coming from the business world, I treasure this career due to the minimal capital required to start a business. However, I also accept that the financial advisory career is not for everyone. It goes well beyond an educational qualification. One has to go through a series of self developmental and grooming courses to instill the traits needed of a successful financial advisor: an entrepreneurial spirit, self-motivation, and the ability to communicate effectively.

This success journey is not an easy path, however, it is worth the undertaking. As humans, we need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate us, something to aspire to. Now, l get to enjoy living in 2 countries on passive income that I built years back. And I get to look forward to a fruitful and meaningful retirement life. If I can do it, so can you!

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