Joanne Lee

Junior Life Advisor 

Supremacy Experience Summit Awards (1x)

2 years of professional experience as a Beauty Consultant in Singapore

Joanne Lee

My Story

Joanne Lee 2

Prior to financial planning, I gained a wide range of experience as a Personal Loan Telemarketer, Sales Clerk, and a Beauty Consultant in Singapore. However, I realised that the effort put in at work and the reward is not proportional. Moreover, the promotion process was often very subjective.

In 2018, I came back to Malaysia, tired of the long working hours and lonely life in Singapore. I also wished to spend more quality time with my aging parents. As I was exposed to the insurance industry, I appreciated that the income and promotion structure are within my control. As long as I am willing to work hard, I can decide my income and my career path. So I mustered the courage to enter insurance full time. I knew I wanted to have a quality life and to provide a quality lifestyle to my parents as well.

Within my first year of joining, I achieved my company's incentive for an overseas trip. Meanwhile, I built closer relationships with my relatives and enjoyed spending more time with my parents.

Looking ahead, I aim to gain a promotion to Unit Manager within the next 3 years, so I can continue to help more families to be well-protected.

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