Tee Lean Kooi

Junior Life Advisor

30 years professional experience in Manufacturing and Logistics

Tee Lean Kooi

My Story

Tee Lean Kooi 2

I am a single mother of two daughters, and I am very proud of them. Through their efforts and time spent, both my daughters became Penang state representatives for synchronized swimming. I am especially proud of my younger daughter, who qualified as a National team synchronized swimmer.

For the past 30 years of my career, I worked in six manufacturing factories. I gained vast working experience in Logistics, Store and Inventory Control, which landed me the position of Logistics Manager. However, being age 50, I was not satisfied with the working environment and lack of time flexibility. I needed to take time off to send my elderly parent for medical check-ups and physiotherapy. I also wished to spend more quality time with my two children too, which I missed out a lot on in the past. Hence, I started looking for a career which could give me flexible timing but also a good income. Through speaking with my then financial advisor, I entered into this profession.

I feel fortunate that I am able to enjoy a good income and flexible work hours now as a financial planner. I am even able to care for my grandson and my parent at the same time. I truly enjoy this career and I have also developed myself in terms of communication. Through the courses provided and the exposure, I am still learning to be a better person, and look forward to a more meaningful and fruitful life journey.

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