Estate Planning

When we pass on, we can't take our possessions with us, but we can ensure they go to the people and causes we care about.

Estate planning ensures that our last wishes are carried out, even when we are no longer around. By making a plan and preparing in advance, you can have peace of mind that your estate will go to the rightful beneficiaries.


Don't leave questions unanswered after you're gone.

When we pass on, many of us will leave behind cherished family and friends that we made in life. We also leave behind our various possessions we valued in life.

Often, the greatest gift we can leave our loved ones during their time of loss is a last will and inheritance plan. Do you wonder:

  • What will happen to my estate after my death?

  • Will my estate cause chaos and division in my family?

  • How much will my estate shrink after my death?

  • How long will it take for my beneficiaries to receive my estate?

  • How can I ensure my last will and testament is executed based on my wishes?

  • As a muslim, how does Faraid affect my family members' inheritance?

Did you know your wealth is taxable even after your death?

The process of transferring your assets to your next of kin is handled by government agencies, during which your estate will be reviewed accordingly. Estate duty that is due will need to be borne by the beneficiaries before the transfer of titles take place. So,

  • How can you bequeath your estate at minimum cost?

  • How do you plan for succession of your business?

  • How do you leave a legacy that will truly benefit your next of kin?


Leave a meaningful legacy with professional financial guidance.