Retirement Planning

We deserve to enjoy our golden years without worry.

Many of us dream of retiring young and retiring rich. Yet, as soon as we retire, our income instantly stops. 


To achieve this dream, the “younger us” needs to take good care of the “older us” while we are still young and earning, by putting aside retirement baskets along the way. The earlier we start, the more we will see our income grow over time, which will enable us to build more retirement baskets progressively.


With solid preparation and a plan, it's possible for you to retire young and rich too, and with ample time to cherish the best of life.

"How can I have an early retirement?"

The answer is by leveraging compound interest. As long as you are able to save consistently, your money can work for you too. For example, by putting aside RM200 every month for the next 20 years with 5% interest, you will have accumulated RM82,549 in savings! What are important to determine are your retirement needs and the investment vehicles most suitable for them.

It's best to save minimum 5 baskets for a good retirement.

  • Early retirement stage
    (first 10-15 years)

    Generally, you will need 2-3 bigger baskets to support your higher spending power in this stage, as you will likely be travelling more and actively engaging in social activities.

  • Mid retirement stage
    (next 10 years)

    During this stage, you may wish to continue travelling, perhaps more exclusively, while also keeping in mind healthcare expenses. For these costs, you may need 2 baskets saved up.

  • Late retirement stage
    (next 10-15 years)

    If you are blessed with a long and healthy life, you may need 1-2 more baskets saved to support you and a comfortable lifestyle in your golden years.

"But isn't my EPF enough for my retirement?"

Many of us expect to rely on our EPF savings to fund us through our old age. But it's important to consider—and calculate— if our EPF savings are enough to support the post-retirement lifestyle that we want. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Have you used your EPF savings for a house settlement before?

  • Have you withdrawn from your EPF for any other purposes before?

  • How many years can your EPF savings last for, with the lifestyle you have planned?

  • How much will you need for 25-30 years of retirement, if you retire early?


Retire without worry with professional financial guidance.