Y—’s story: Waiting for dinner

A teacher by profession, Y's story is testament to human resilience and a lesson about planning ahead.

One evening in 2001, Y—'s husband didn't come home for dinner as he usually did. When her calls went unanswered and her waiting proved in vain, she began to grow worried. Rallying her family and neighbours, they started a search around the small town for her husband — and finally they found him, in his car, by the road side in a nearby taman. He had passed away due to a sudden heart attack while driving home.

Y— was pregnant at the time, and she struggled to accept the news. She couldn't imagine raising her newborn baby without his dad. During her darkest days, she even contemplated giving up her life to be with her husband. But with encouragement from her family and friends, she got through the tragedy and gave birth to a baby boy.

Thankfully, even though her husband is now in Heaven, his love and care for his family remained. From his insurance planning, Y— and her son were provided for through the proceeds he left behind.

Y— was able to continue her teaching career, while the insurance proceeds funded the purchase of their home and their son's education. And they both lived happily ever after.

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