CS Tan

Founder and Managing Director, Dignity Consultant

Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM)

Senior Group Sales Manager, Great Eastern

Life Planning Advisor (LPA), Great Eastern

Associate Trainer (AT), Great Eastern

MDRT Life Member

Supremacy Summit Awards (27x)

BSc in Electrical Engineering, University Of Alberta, Canada

Tan CS

My Story

Visiting Disneyland in Shanghai

After I graduated with my degree in Electrical Engineering from one of the top schools in Canada, I was set on securing a job as a Process Engineer in a big corporation like most of my peers. Being hardworking, responsible and commitment, I dreamt my job would enable me to give my parents a better lifestyle and reduce their financial burdens. I also aimed to achieve financial freedom at a younger age, so I could spend more time volunteering and giving back.

However, after working hard for 1.5 years at a US disk drive manufacturing plant, my situation remained average. I was working 10-12 hour work days, including weekends. Yet, I felt unappreciated due to office politics and poor benefits. I also soon got bored after a year, due to the rotating job scope. But most frustrating was that I was still not financially able to reduce my family's burdens, despite working so hard.

So, I started to ask myself: where will be my future be 5 years from now? To be honest, I couldn't imagine my future in this industry. This inspired me to start searching for alternative career pathways.

One day, I was introduced to the insurance industry. Being an engineer at heart, I analyzed the career opportunities and found that it offered me a better chance to fulfilling my dream to work flexibly and be financially free.

My parents and friends objected to my career switch at first. However, I realized that I would regret it if I didn't give it a try! So I focused my mind on a single success principle: I am willing to learn, somebody is willing to guide me; I just need some time to pick up. I will make it through!

This turned out to be the biggest turning point in my life. At first, I explored this new career as a part-timer. After work days, I would continue my part-time job by meeting up with people till 10pm, followed by paperwork till midnight. For 6 months, I pursued this hardship and finally, was able to quit my unhappy office job and focus on insurance full-time. I had made it!

With hard work, I climbed the career ladder, and finally achieved MDRT, an international recognition of my success. Many opportunities also opened up for me to start my own business — Dignity Consultant — and to mentor the next generation of financial planners, which are deeply rewarding experiences. And happily, I am financially able to treat my family to free cruise holidays!

I am thankful for the career I have, not only for the flexible perks and rewards, but also for the opportunity to give back to society. As a financial planner, I have had the privilege to help over 750 families and individuals manage their finances better. My career has enriched me with countless learning opportunities and I am thankful my job lets me "pass it on" to others.


My career journey:

  • 1992 - Process Engineer, FTZ Penang

  • 1993 - Part-time, Great Eastern

  • 1994 - Nov: Full-time, Great Eastern (140 cases)

  • 1994 - Supremacy Award (25x)

  • 1999 - MDRT (1st time)

  • 2002 - GSM, MDA

  • 2010 - MDRT life membership

  • 2011 - Senior Group Sales Manager, Great Eastern

  • 2015 - Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM)

Graduation, University of Alberta, Canada
Graduating as Life Planning Advisor
With the team at our new office
Chartered Insurance Agency Manager (CIAM) awards
Supremacy Awards 2019

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